Outdoor fun and indoor activities for your children

in Market Harborough

Do you want your children to learn but also have fun whilst doing so?

The government's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework is well-established in our nursery, beginning with the babies and continuing through to when they leave for school. Children have a personal learning journey including lots of photos for parents to see their child enjoying themselves at nursery and developing skills.
We have a key person system throughout the nursery. Each child is allocated a staff member who is specifically responsible for that child's care. The key person system ensures that the staff member really gets to know their child, building a warm and secure relationship with them.

Baby Room

Children aged up to 2 are based on the ground floor over two rooms, one room for the babies that are not walking yet  and the other room for the toddlers. The babies regularly join with the toddlers to provide a stimulating and natural environment to the benefit of all the children. 

The staff ratio is 3 babies to 1 member of staff and on walks/outings 2 babies to 1 member of staff.

We place great emphasis on establishing familiar and consistent routines for the children, to help them quickly settle and grow in confidence in a loving atmosphere.

Play Room

Children aged 2-3 are based in a large airy room on the first floor. Here the children are able to experience new challenges and further develop their communication skills and growing independence. At this age the children are helped to be aware of the needs of others  and how to be caring and considerate towards one another. This also is the time when the children are potty trained and staff liaise closely with parents over potty training routines.

The staff ratio is 4 children to 1 member of staff and on walks/outings 3 children to 1 member of staff


Children over 3 are based in 2 rooms on the 1st floor. One room is for messy play and arts and crafts  and the other room has a role play area, ICT area, mark making (beginnings of writing), book corner, construction toys and other activities.

The staff ratio is 8 children to 1 member of staff and on walks/outings 4 children to 1 member of staff.

The children continue with the EYFS framework, taking the next steps where the staff prepare them for school, providing specific activities to learn about letters and sounds, early writing and counting. A member of the pre-school staff has a degree - B.A. in Early Childhood Studies.

Outdoor Play

We have a secure and well equipped outside playground, with a large canopy enabling all year round outdoor play. The playground includes a food/plant growing area, a large sandpit, a mud kitchen and a wood work area. The children also enjoy a variety of other activities including chalking, water play, bikes and balancing beams.

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